Shemsi NUHIU: I don’t want to go back to Serbia, I am the citizen of Kosovo!














Bernë, 18 prill/ AIK-Presheva Jonë 


“A Serbian Court charges Shemsi Nuhiu of being the member of KLA in the area of Gjilan who is accused for crimes against the humanity”, continues saying to Information Agency “Presheva Jonë” the official from the Federal Office of Justice. During a hearing held on April 15 this year, Shemsi Nuhiu refused to be extradited to Serbia because he is a resident of Kosovo.



Shemsi Nuhiu, even though he is the citizen of Kosovo, the official Prishtina hasn’t still demanded his extradition from Suisse police, and according to Mr. Falco Galli – from the Federal Office of Justice in Bern “this is not our job nor our practice that we from Bern to say to Prishtina to do such a request”, informs the National Information Agency “Presheva Jonë”.