Brussels, 25 avril  -Kosovo Prime Minister Isa Mustafa today is in Brussels to present his new request regarding visa liberalization for Kosovo Albanians.

Press Agency “Presheva jonë” referring to diplomatic sources has learned that today in the afternoon, the Prime Minister of Kosovo will meet with the EU’s High Commissioner on Migration, Dimitris Avramopoulos.

How to comment Isa Mustafa’s visit to Brussels on visa liberalization EU spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic in a talk today for the press agency “Presheva Jonë” said that “A meeting is scheduled to take place between Commissioner Avramopoulos and Prime Minister Mustafa today during his visit to Brussels where the state of play of the visa liberalisation dialogue will be amongst the topics discussed.. The Commission is fully aware of the importance of visa liberalisation for the people of Kosovo but does not comment on potential initiatives related to the fulfilment of criteria necessary for visa liberalisation.”

“In a meeting with President Thaçi on 9 February, President Juncker commended the progress that Kosovo has recently made, including on the track record of high-level organised crime and corruption cases. This momentum needs to be maintained…”, said Maja Kocijancic

According to EU official Maja Kocijancic “The Commission also recognises the efforts Kosovo has made to ratify the border demarcation agreement with Montenegro. As laid out in the Commission’s legislative proposal of May 2016, ratification of this agreement is a requirement for visa liberalisation. It is very important that this process is concluded so that the Commission can give its green light to the co-legislators.”