BELGRADE – The data of the Republic Electoral Commission (RIK) show that the Albanian Coalition from Presevo Valley won one MP mandate while the coalition U-Turn would have 19 seats in the next parliament convocation instead of the previously announced 20.



These are RIK’s latest provisional results obtained on the basis of 99.76 percent of polling stations, but there are no changes among other figures. According to RIK, 4.37 percent of ballots in the parliamentary elections were invalid, while 4.47 percent of presidential elections are invalid.



The list ‘Let’s Get Serbia Moving – Tomislav Nikolic’ scored the best results and it still has 73 mandates in the Serbian parliament, the list ‘The Choice for a Better Life – Boris Tadic’ has 67 seats while the coalition of the Socialist Party of Serbia, Party of United Pensioners of Serbia and United Serbia has 44 mandates.



The next in line is the Democratic Party of Serbia with 21 MP seats, the U-Turn movement with 19 mandates, while the United Regions of Serbia won 16 mandates. The Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians headed by Istvan Pastor won five mandates, the Party of Democratic Action of Sandzhak led by Sulejman Ugljanin won two MP mandates, while the list ‘All Together’ and ‘None of the Above’ won one MP seat each.



According to the latest results, the seven remaining parties and coalitions which took part in the elections, including Dveri and the Serbian Radical Party, did not win enough votes to cross the election threshold and they would get no MP seats in the new parliament convocation.


RIK needs to declare the final results of the parliamentary elections by 8 p.m. since this is the legal deadline for this is 96 hours from the closing of polling places. Members of RIK now have to establish results from another 20 polling places. With regard to the presidential elections, the latest provisional results do not differ from the ones RIK released previously.