Haradinaj for Presheva Jonë: I was invited to Medveđa and I would go to Belgrade to present “my country” politics


Prime Minister Kosovo claims that local authorities in southern Serbia have invited him to come to this place, adding that he is ready to visit Presevo and Belgrade

Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj, from Belgrade for war crimes When asked about civilians, claims that the local authorities of Medvedja municipality in the south of central Serbia have invited him to come to this place and added that he was prepared to visit Presevo and Belgrade if his visit had a log.

In Belgrade, he says, he “presented his country at an international summit” because he believes that only “meetings and mutual meetings with regional prime ministers can contribute to peace and stability “In this case good neighborly relations between two countries, such as Kosovo and Serbia …”

As reported by press agency “Presheva Jonë” from Presevo , Haradinaj, the local authorities of Medvedja transmitted the traditional manifestation “Encounters in their homeland ̵this manifestation, hundreds of Albanians from Medvedja and other communities of the so-called. The President of the Provisional Institutions of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, Foreign Minister Bedzet Pacoli, Mayor of Gnjilane, Ljutfi Haziri, are invited from Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia, as well as from Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia. Read jte more: Dačić on the independence of Kosovo: Anyone who does the opposite, must decide whether they are friends or not.

What Concerning the visit to Presevo, Haradinaj says it does not depend on his wishes or wishes on Pristina, but also on Belgrade. ”

” I am not like Marko Đurić, like a snake (the term used in the past for Albanian bandits) – illegal. It will be with the permission of the Serbian and international authorities, and should be realized as well as all other world leaders’ visits … “Haradinaj said.
Presheva jonë writes that this Coke Prime Minister’s visit would come after his stay in T Iran, Skopje and Podgorica.

Haradinaj added that apart from fraternal relations with Albanians from the so-called “The Presevo Valley”, it brings us much more and even more knowledge about their role and their contribution to the liberation of Kosovo. “