Paris, Jan 12 (ATA) – France’s Colmar Court has released on bail former PM of Kosovo, also the head of Alliance for Kosovo Future (AAK), Ramush Haradinaj.
Haradinaj will make an appearance before the French Court twice a week and will not leave France, according to Kosovo media outlets.
His release on bail comes two days after Serb Ministry of Justice referred to France a request for extradition of Ramush Haradinaj, also containing a number of documents translated into French. Serbia seeks to bring Haradinaj to trial on charges that have not been included in the act of indictment submitted with the Hague Tribunal which acquitted him.
The chairman of AAK Ramush Haradinaj was detained on Jan 4 in Basel airport on an arrest warrant issued by Serbia back in 2004.
His arrest in France is the second after the first in Slovenia within two years under the same indictment. On June 17 2015, Haradinaj was detained in Ljubljana to be released later, but was compelled to stay in Slovenia until the procedures for verification of arrest warrant ended.