BELGRADE — Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) Gnjilane Group member Shemsi Nuhiu will be extradited to Serbia, the Swiss Federal Court has decided a year after he was arrested.


Nuhiu was arrested in Switzerland on Serbia’s warrant.
The Gnjilane group members are accused of murders and atrocious crimes against Serb and non-Albanian civilians committed in Gnjilane, in the second half of 1999, Radio-Television of Serbia (RTS) has reported.

The group kidnapped, raped and killed the Serbs in three known locations in Gnjilane during 1999, says the indictment based on which the Higher Court in Belgrade sentenced nine members of the group to a total of 101 years in prison in early 2011.

The Serbian police arrested nine members of the group in the southern Serbian town of Preševo on December 26, 2008.

However, Fazli Hajdari, Rexhepi Aliu, Shaqir Shaqiri, Shefket Musliu, Fadik Aliu and Ramadan Halimi are still at large. (Source: Tanjug )