žandarmerija11Presevo, In an interview with RTS (Radio Televizija Srbije), the Head of the Coordination Body for the municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja Zoran Stankovic denied the announcements made by Blic and Serbian media that Serbian police do not dare to enter the Albanian village of Veliko Ternovac in the Bujanovac municipality. Mr. Stankovic highlighted: “It is not true that the police cannot enter the village in the Bujanovac municipality, because there is already a permanent police checkpoint and Serbian gendarmerie forces constantly pass through the village,” reports Presheva Jone.


Furthermore, Belgrade continues  to remain silent on the 20 missing and killed Albanians from the Presevo region after the end of the 2001 conflict.

In the same interview, the Head of the Coordination Body commented about the death of Serbian policeman Goran Djordjevic from Bujanovac.

The latter died from injuries following a car incident involving a driver from Ternovac.

“We know who the killer is, he is hiding in Kosovo,” stated Mr. Stankovic although EULEX has expressed their doubts regarding this information.


Moreover, Mr. Stankovic added: “Serbian police and the Serbian state should go all the way to the end, by finding and sentencing the driver who killed the Serbian policeman in Bujanovac.”


The Head of the Coordination Body did not comment about the 20 missing and killed Albanians from the Presevo region after the end of the 2001 conflict in the Presevo Valley.


The latest incident included the death of the Albanian MP (Member of Parliament) from Presevo, Mr. Isuf Azizi, which was reported by local and global media.

Although, nearly five years have already elapsed following the killing of the MP, the perpetrators have not been arrested.

Regarding this incident, the Albanian political party PVD has decided to approach the Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs for clarification before approaching international officials.


The names of the 20 missing and killed Albanians from the Presevo Valley

Here are the names of politicians, businessmen and young Albanians killed and still missing after the 2001 war in the Presevo Valley. The list has also been shared with Interpol:

Isuf Azizi, Nebih Nuhiu, Agim Agushi, Dashnim Hajrullahu, Driton Arifi, Xhevrije Zeqiri, Bajram Bajrami, Ibrahim Fejzullahu, Rahim Nuhiu, Magbule Sylejmani, Naser Salihu, Hasan Maloku, Ukshin Maloku, Sabedin Hamiti, Mentor Mehmeti, Driton Aliu, Arijan Aliu, Nijazi Ibrahimi, Arife Abdiu, Asllan Ibrahimi, Nexhati Arifi, Qemal Mustafa, Shaip Saqipi, Isa Saqipin, Ejup Hasani, Raif  Rexhepi, Fatmir Ibishi, Osman Sulejmanin, Bahri Musliu, Agim Aliu, Destan Adili and Shejzije Adili.