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In the Belgrade District Court, Special Court under the jurisdiction of Serb War Crimes by order of the Serbian War Crimes Prosecution, are developing the final days of the trial against nine Albanians from Presevo. Is the most serious charges, war crimes against Serbs, Roma and any Albanian spy, and these “crimes they committed” in the surrounding Gnjilane  (Kosovo) during the period mid of June – end of October 1999. On the day of their kidnapping, 26 December 2008, they said that had massacred 51 of them, the establishment of the Indictment, 25 June 2009, that number rose to 59 and the beginning of the trial, 23 September 2009 that number rose in 80.

In preliminary continuation of this trial, 16 and 17 December 2010, Deputy Prosecutor Miroljub Viktorovic has finished his Last Word. He, as before this court many things serious, beyond human logic, and after all those many lies, in the end demanded the maximum sentence for our nine boys to 20 years in prison each. He criticized the Serbian law provided that there was larger penalties.

Immediately after his defense began to defend the Lawyers, first of the accused was Agush Memishi. For four and a half hours showed 100% solid arguments, with documentary evidence in the documents, which were submitted to the Court of Belgrade for Agush Memishi and eight others. Defence lawyers had very easy to break down “arguments” of the Deputy Attorney Viktorovic, presented by him the previous day, while Agush Memishi was very dignified, just as it had been during the trial.

Unlikely to accept someone’s brain may absurdity of the absurds, indicted for war crimes that were committed after the war, and self conclusion which was signed in Kumanovo on 10 June 1999 (Kumanovo Agreement). Another absurd, all this are inexistent crimes.

Speaker panel with Snezana Nikolic Garotic, separated in March 2010 subject to eight others, of seventeen in total, in October 2010 merged this subject again to divide again, now in December 2010. Even this is an absurd kind of people.

Deputy Attorney Viktorovic failed improvising any evidence, testimony that could push the dilemma moderate the panel. He gave names and surnames of the abused and beaten but gave no name and surname of any eventual massacred although the came up with the number 47, allegedly massacred Serbs, Roma and other non-Albanians.

In their kidnapping December 26 were present more than 2600 members of the Serbian gendarmerie, were present more than 150 members of their various services, which civilian car number plates were from Novi Sad, Belgrade, Kragujevac, Nis, Leskovac and Vranje.

Nine Albanians and their families were severely beat first day of the raid and kidnapping of 26 December, then even more difficult, a long time, in Belgrade ‘s central prison.

After all these undisputed facts, the Albanian political forces should be ready for an adequate response if the worst happens it, be punished even if one of nine sons of Presevo, which does not want to believe.

20. 12. 2010
Orhan Rexhepi