Tirana, 22 oct 2017 -The President of Albania, Ilir Meta, received the Mayor of the Presheva Valley, Shqiperim Arifi, also leader of the “Alternative For Change” party. At the same time Meta has sought unity among Albanian political subjects in the Valley, announces the news agency “Presheva Jonë” from Tirana

Relations between Tirana and Belgrade depend also on the policies and behavior of the Serbian government with enthusiastic Albanians in the Presevo Valley, said Ilir Meta from today’s meeting with the President of Presevo, Mr. Arifi.

Meta underlined his constant interest on issues and solutions which improve lives of Presheva Albanians, and the importance of cooperation between Albania and Presheva, for realizing political, economic and social goals.

President Meta valued as of utmost importance the integration of Albanians in all levels of local and central administration.

For Meta, this would be of great assistance for resolving the many problems of the Presheva Valley Albanains, especially regarding youth.