trumpppWashington, 9th November 2016 Donald Trump becomes 45th US president after delivering shock ‘Brexit for America’ by beating Hillary Clinton – and now vows to unite the country. World watches on in shock as Donald Trump takes series of key swing states to defeat Hillary Clinton, taking 276 against Clinton’s 218 electoral college votes, report press americane, transmete the Press Agency “Presheva Jonë

DONALD TRUMP sent shockwaves around the world today after delivering his own “Brexit for America” in a historic victory over Hillary Clinton to become the 45th US President.

In his first address as President-elect after a bitter campaign, Trump struck a unifying tone in front of crowds cheering “USA, USA”. He said it was “time for America to bind the wounds of division”.

President-elect Donald Trump appeared on stage with running mate Mike Pence, left of the podium, and his family after his shock win

The new President was joined by his family, including wife Melania and son Barron, as he made his way to the podium for his first address

In an impassioned speech that continued his theme of reaching out to disillusioned Americans, Trump told a packed-out crowd in Manhattan : “The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer”.

He added: “I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all Americans, and this is so important for me”.

His voice cracking, he continued: “It’s time for us to come together as one united people. I pledge to every citizen that I will be president for all.”

Trump also thanked the secret service and NYC law enforcement, and added: “It’s been what they call a historic campaign.

“But to be really historic, you have to do a great job. And I promise you that we will not let you down. We will do a great job.

“While the campaign is over, our work on this movement is really only just beginning.

“We’re going to be doing a job that hopefully you’ll be so proud of your president. It’s been an amazing honour.”